Digital Fluency

Nearly everyone now a days knows how to use digital technologies, and this is digital fluency. Digital fluency is the ability to use digital technology well(Howell,2014). In precise,’ it is the ability to use digital technologies readily and strategically to learn, to work, and to play, and the infusion of technology in teaching and learning to improve outcomes for all students. Technologies can help make creative, flexible and purposeful thinking  and knowledge construction within the classroom and also it can extend the ‘reach’ of educational opportunities'(Saskatchewan,2016).iskills-webinar-14

‘ Digital fluency is the combination of:  – digital, or technical, proficiency: ability to understand, select and use technologies and its systems;           –digital literacy: cognitive or intellectual competencies, including ability to read, create, evaluate and make judgements and apply technical skills while doing so;              –social competence, or dispositional knowledge: the ability to relate to others and communicate with them effectively’ (Karen spencer,2010). Students at schools are being taught on computers or using computers and this helps students to get fluent and literate, since they will know how to use them and their systems.th7GAWVXYR


see these:

references: Karen spencer, 2010


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